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  • la Société Nautique de Genève

    (Photo Credit: ©2014 Scot Surbeck)

    This  Cercle de la Voile de la Société Nautique de Genève is in NYC for the Sixth Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge at the Manhattan Yacht Club, August 15-17, 2014! There are teams from 20 different countries competing in the regatta, which started as a way to promote international goodwill through friendly competition.


    We had the pleasure of welcoming the racers to the Consulate General to hear about their backgrounds as world-class sailors. The team is led by Michel Glaus, President of the Organisation Committee of Bol d’Or MirabaudOriginally from Geneva - Carouge, he started racing at age 15 on a 470 sailboat and quickly began competing in prestigious regattas like the 1971 European Championships in Great Britain, followed by the World Championships in Canada, and also the 1986 J/24 World Championship in Newport, RI. He’s sailed many boat classes but these days, he mostly races the Surprise on Lake Geneva. When Michel isn’t on the water, he’s running a business selling wine. (Michel is pictured below (L) with the Commodore of the Manhattan Yacht Club, Michael Fortenbaugh (R) at the opening ceremony).


    The team’s trimmer, Nicolas Wyler, is also based in Geneva. He has extensive experience racing different boat classes, including the Surprise, Taurus 22 and J/24. He’s a biologist in his professional life and this is his first time in New York!

    Crew member Christophe Ganz is from Geneva - Sologny. An architect by trade, he owns two private boats for cruising, in addition to racing the Surprise. He’s sailed in Newport, RI and has previously been to New York.


    The team’s tactician, Jean-Luc Levéque, is a seasoned sailor. He has sailed the Decision 35, Surprise, Toucan, 8MII, Swan Club 42, Farr 52, Farr 30 and J/24. He spends a lot of time around boats as a professional sail maker. He’s raced in New York before in the 6mJI 1987 World Championship on Oyster Bay in Long Island.

    All four crew members race together on Lake Geneva as members of the Cercle de la Voile de la Société Nautique de Genève. They are looking forward to racing in the New York Harbor this weekend and we wish them the best of luck in the International Yacht Club Challenge!


      (Pictured L to R, Michel Glaus, Christophe Ganz, Jean-Luc Levéque, Nicolas Wyler)

    The regatta will be raced on J/24 sailboats in New York Harbor. The boats will be provided by Manhattan Sailing Club which is based at Dennis Conner’s North Cove in Lower Manhattan. The races take place Friday and Saturday, starting at 11am and on Sunday, starting at 12pm noon at North Cove Marina. Hopp Suisse!


    (Pictured with the team, Oliver Haugen, SwissnexBoston (L), Photo credit: Sonya Mesommonta)

    (Photo credit: Sonya Mesommonta)

    (Photo credit: Sonya Mesommonta)

    (Photo credit: Sonya Mesommonta)

    UPDATE: Final Results


    From August 18th to 26th, New York based Swiss-Italian sound artist Fa Ventilato teams up with two friends from the canton of Appenzell, the visionary sound duo NOMADTON. Together, they create a soundtrack to the Russian art movie TISHE! (2003).  

    Ventilato and Kessler have collaborated on various musical projects in the past. Now, a tour of six performances will take place all in different, special New York locations. They present the movie TISHE! and perform live improvised electronic and acoustic experimental music.

    The film is a full feature documentary art film by Russian director Victor Kossakovsky. For TISHE!, Kossakovsky filmed all that happened on the street in front of his house for a full year. From one fixed camera position, he captured an amazing array of street life: There is crime, there is love and romance, and even comedy, when construction workers have to get bigger and bigger gear to fix a problem with the street.

    The musicians:

    Sven Bösiger: Jaw harp, rectronics                                   

    Patrick Kessler: Double bass & electronics                       

    Fa Ventilato: CD manipulations & live sampler


    The Tour de New York:

    Mon, Aug. 18th @ The Delancey - 8pm - NYC (168 Delancey St. NYC, NY 10002)

    Tue, Aug. 19th @ Passenger Bar - 8:30pm - BRK (229 Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY 11211)

    Wed, Aug. 20th @ Cafe Bar - 9pm - QNS (3290 36th St. Astoria, NY 11106)

    Thu, Aug. 21st @ Cathouse FUNeral - 9pm - BRK  (260 Richardson St. Brooklyn, NY 11222)

    Mon, Aug. 25th @ Nublu - 9pm - NYC (62 Avenue C, NYC, NY 10009)

    Tue, Aug. 26th @ Lot 45 - 9pm - BRK (411 Troutman St. Brooklyn, NY 11237)

  • Schöne 1. August!

    Swiss National Day NYC 2014

    Swiss National Day (German: Schweizer Bundesfeier; French: Fête nationale Suisse; Italian: Festa nazionale svizzera; Romansch: Fiasta naziunala Svizra) is Switzerland’s national holiday, set on 1 August. It was declared an official holiday in 1994, although the day has been suggested for the celebration of the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy for over 100 years. The date is inspired by the early August Federal Charter of 1291, when the Alpine areas of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden swore the oath of confederation, an action which later came to be regarded as the foundation of Switzerland.
    This year Switzerland celebrates 723 years of independence. Watch President Didier Burkhalter’s speech to celebrate Swiss National Day, available in German, French and Italian on the YouTube channel of the Swiss Foreign Ministry:
    Swiss National Day celebrations in NYC were hosted with the Swiss Society of New York and took place at Studio Square beer garden in Queens on July 26, 2014.

    Swiss National Day NYC 2014

    In addition to Swiss specialties like cervelat and raclette, we also enjoyed live Swiss folklore music and facepainting for the kids. Check out photos from the festivities on Flickr and don’t miss our interview with the Swiss yodelers who performed at the event, shared below! Swiss National Day NYC 2014

    Swiss National Day NYC
    Meet Swiss Yodelers Dominik Kempf and Katharina Hasler! The interview is in Swiss German, translated by Chris Veit.

    Happy 1st of August!
  • Meet Michael Smith, Organizer of Swiss Drinks and Co-Founder of Soshio


    Whenever we meet newly arrived Swiss in New York, we encourage them to check out the local Swiss societies and clubs. One of the best unofficial networks to join for meeting other Swiss in NYC is the Swiss Drinks meetup. Recently we had the chance to sit down with Michael Smith, organizer of the monthly Swiss Drinks events, to learn what it was like for him when he first arrived in New York and to hear his advice for other Swiss looking to move here.

    image   (Swiss Drinks gathering to cheer on Switzerland in the World Cup)

    Originally from Zurich, Mike moved to New York City in 2008 to work for Avon Cosmetics as a Global Brand Manager. After seeing a need for social marketing analytics in China, he co-founded Soshio in 2012 to provide Western companies with market insights on Chinese consumers through real-time analysis of Chinese social media platforms.

    Mike is a dual-citizen of Switzerland and the U.S., and also has Peruvian and Chinese roots. When deciding where to be based to launch Soshio, he says that there was no question he would stay in New York. The city is a great place to be an entrepreneur and more and more Swiss are coming here for the startup culture. 

    Staying true to his Swiss roots, Mike organizes and hosts the monthly Swiss Drinks NYC events, with the purpose of helping new New Yorkers and Swiss discover the city together. The group is not only for Swiss citizens, they also welcome Americans and New Yorkers interested in Switzerland and/or meeting Swiss.     

    Watch our interview with Mike to hear about his experiences as a Swiss entrepreneur in NYC and to learn more about Swiss Drinks!

    Swiss Drinks is hosting their July Meetup as the official after-party for tomorrow’s Swiss National Day celebrations. After the festivities at Studio Square with the Consulate General and the Swiss Society of New York, head over to LIC Landing by COFFEED at 6pm for Swiss Drinks!

    If you’re on Facebook, join the Swiss Drinks group to hear about events and news from the community. Swiss Drinks events are usually held the third Thursday of every month. To join the mailing list, email: Mike@GetSoshio.com

  • Swiss events in new york

    Don’t miss these upcoming events… especially Swiss National Day Celebrations, July 26 at 12pm!

    Swiss Events in New York - July 23 - August 19, 2014

  • swissnexboston:

    On July 11, 2014, swissnex Boston in collaboration with the ETH Zurich Alumni New England Chapter and the University of Zurich Alumni & Friends of Boston Chapter had the honor and pleasure of welcoming Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard, a University of Zurich Alumna, and President-elect of…

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  • The Twisted Swissters Take On America

    Recently we had the chance to welcome the Twisted Swissters, Switzerland’s team in the Race Across America mountain bike competition, to the Consulate during their visit to New York.

    The 2014 Race Across America kicked off in San Diego, California on June 14th. Solo cyclists and teams from around the world peddled over 3,000 miles to the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland. The Twisted Swissters finished in 7th place, biking 3,020 miles in 6 days, 14 hours, and 53 minutes.

    The team was led by Swiss Champion Ski Skier, Philippe May, one of five men to ski over 250 km/h - 155 MPH. Also on the team were Claude-Alain Gailand, Mountain & Extreme Tour Guide (Switzerland), Ismaël Devènes, Member of the Swiss Speed Ski Team since 2007 (Switzerland), and Steven Beverling, Twice on 4-man RAAM team (Australia). Tracie Max Sachs (Switzerland) was the Crew Chief and is a five time winner of the Speed Skiing World Cup.

    These endurance athletes are no strangers extreme sports, though this year’s race was especially challenging with the team leader’s unexpected health scare. Philippe May was admitted to the hospital on June 8, 2014 upon arrival to San Diego and he was subsequently diagnosed with a genetic heart defect, ARVD or ARVC. He underwent surgery and remained at the hospital until he was well enough to travel with the logistics crew supporting the Twisted Swissters across America.

    It was humbling to hear Philippe’s story and we were impressed with his spirit and the camaraderie of his teammates, two of which are Suisse Romand. The Twisted Swissters completed the competition with Philippe’s encouragement from the sidelines. The team was also united for Aussie Steven Berveling’s awareness campaign to raise money for 4HIVhope, a cause very personal to him as an HIV survivor competing in the race. RAMM was an opportunity for the Twisted Swissters to raise awareness for both Phillippe’s newly diagnosed heart condition and Steven’s continued activism for HIV hope.

    We encourage you to read more about the team’s endeavors on their website and invite you to watch our interview with the Swiss racers of Twisted Swissters!

    Another Swiss, Hans-Rudolf “Hansi” Nyfeler, won 1st place in the Solo Race for Men (ages 50-59). A Swiss Father-Daughter team also took 1st place in the 2-person mixed (under 50) group race. For a full list of results, click here.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Meet the Staff

    In this series, we’re profiling diplomats, transferable staff, and local employees at the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York to give you an inside peek into their daily tasks, professional backgrounds, and personal tastes!

    In the Spotlight: Simona Regazzoni Kwenda

    Job Title:
    Consul, Head of the Consular Section.

    Gnosca, a very small village in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

    Places you’ve lived:
    I was born and raised in Ticino. After finishing school, I lived in Zurich for three years. I started my career in the Swiss Foreign Service twenty years ago and it has taken me to Lisbon (Portugal), Harare (Zimbabwe), Genoa (Italy), Washington DC (US), Cairo (Egypt) and finally to the Big Apple.

    Current residence:
    Harrison NY, in the beautiful Westchester County.

    Favorite things about the US:
    The US is like a second home for me and my family. I like the diversity of people and landscapes. The history of immigration to North America has always fascinated me.

    What you miss about Switzerland:
    The Alps and the charcuterie from Ticino, especially salamini and mortadella nostrana!

    Recommended New York hot spot:
    A nice walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

    Where you lunch in Midtown:
    Any nice Japanese restaurant for sushi. Or if I want a fine dish of Gnocchi, I like to go to the Osteria Laguna on 42nd Street.

    One thing on your desk right now is:
    A lot of paper and…more paper (sorry, nothing fancy right now!)

    Favorite moment or “highlight” since working at the Consulate:
    Every day in New York is a highlight but I remember my first day at work three years ago as if it were yesterday. When I walked into our beautiful offices, I thought to myself: “yes, that’s exactly where I want to be!”

    Your daily routine includes:
    With my team, we take care of 30’000 Swiss registered with us. Every day, we get numerous visitors at our counters, phone calls, e-mails and letters. The word “routine” doesn’t really fit in my daily work schedule!

    If you could schedule a lunch date with anyone, it would be:
    Roberto Benigni.

    Upcoming projects:
    More trips to New England, a region of the USA that I love.

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